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What’s the latest trend?

Legal IT and the online world offers much for the future, some of which we look at here, let’s take a look at some of the things we can focus upon right now to get ourselves better placed for what lies ahead.

411, 2020

Preparing for the second lockdown

A second lockdown has been announced and all non-essential businesses will be closed for one month - presenting a prime time for hackers.  During the first lockdown we experienced an

1408, 2020

How to prevent data breaches

Recent Data Breach Reports state that 52% of all breaches featured hacking and that 71% of those breaches were financially motivated - with the likelihood that these numbers will grow

807, 2020

LALY 2020 – Legal Aid Teams award

The first ever virtual LALY award show took place yesterday evening and it was a great event! The winner of the Legal Aid Team award, sponsored by Accesspoint, was

2006, 2019

Making IT Happen

Victor van der Poel, director at Accesspoint Technologies, on some easy wins for SME law firms when it comes to leveraging their technology. What is the art

1704, 2019

Data King

Victor van der Poel, director at Accesspoint Technologies, on how SME law firms can leverage their data in a useful and meaningful way. We talk a lot

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