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What’s the latest trend?

Legal IT and the online world offers much for the future, some of which we look at here, let’s take a look at some of the things we can focus upon right now to get ourselves better placed for what lies ahead.

3003, 2021

Relying on luck? Take IT into your own hands

Security continues to be an area of focus for many firms, with many realising that moving people to remote working has affected the firm’s cybersecurity risks, which you could say was inevitable.

1503, 2021

Is the Cloud Hosting Right for You

At Accesspoint we believe that cloud hosting and computing is the future for forward thinking law firms as it will instantly provide your firm with a world of benefits

1602, 2021

Security threats and helping your firm take control of IT

Within the UK, law firms are amongst the most susceptible businesses to encounter cyber-attacks and various forms of data breaches, perhaps due to the highly valuable information stored within the firms and the benefits they bring if they fall into the

912, 2020

Phishing attacks: defending your organisation

How to defend your organisation from email phishing attacks. Typical defences against phishing often rely exclusively on users being able to spot phishing emails. This approach will

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