Platform Design and Consultancy

Cloud computing helps reduce costs

Platform Design and how cloud computing helps

Accesspoint consultants will help you develop a strategy to ensure that you adopt the right model for your practice and take advantage of this technology by developing a solution and plan which suites both your current and future needs.

Cloud allows you to run software applications, purchase storage and provides processing capacity over the Internet instead of installing hardware and software on your own computers and servers. Our suggested model would be broadly based upon different cloud options.

Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Productivity and cost efficiencies for all Legal practices large or small
  • No great capital expenditure is required – services are operated on a rental basis
  • Scalability is quick and easy, no need for increased resources or capital outlay
  • Implementation/administration costs greatly reduced – hardware and applications are provided via Accesspoint
  • Cloud computing is environmentally friendly – utilities centric via datacentre

How can my practice take advantage of Cloud Computing?

The reliance on fast, secure IT systems means that the success of any practice is often inextricably linked with the viability of its IT infrastructure. We offer a broad range of services to deliver this, available on multiple cloud platforms and specifically focused on the discerning Law practice. For little capital outlay firms can take advantage of online PMS, Digital Dictation, managed Email and utility computing all for a fixed monthly fee and with built in security, encryption and disaster recovery.

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