Hybrid Cloud

A flexible and integrated solution

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Hybrid cloud solutions usually refer to a model where a mix of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud solutions are blended to deliver an orchestration of IT Resources.

Some firms carry a significant investment in their current IT infrastructure but would also benefit from the vast benefits that cloud technology has to offer, such as Microsoft Office 365 solutions. We can integrate with your current in-house infrastructure to extend to either the public Microsoft cloud or to our private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Superior Hybrid

We extend our private cloud into Azure to deliver services such as Business Continuity and hybrid Exchange solutions between our private exchange solutions and Office 365.

All our hybrid cloud platforms offer you:

  • Consolidated on-premise, public and private cloud platforms
  • Reduced maintenance overheads
  • Reduced progressive capital expense
  • Provide a solid, flexible and integrated solution that protects existing investments already made via on-premise solutions
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