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BigHand Dictate offers industry-leading digital dictation.

The solution’s powerful configurable workflows, make it easy and efficient for your teams to track, share, prioritise and action voice files, vastly improving turnaround times and making your internal processes much more streamlined.

About BigHand Dictation

Law Firms waste hundreds of staff hours manually typing, transcribing dictations, or drafting emails, letters, and countless other time-consuming analogue processes. Documents are easily lost, wrongly assigned, or incorrectly prioritised. Boost profitability by empowering your teams to spend less time transcribing, and more time on higher-priority work. Enable dictation that’s not only fast to complete, but incredibly straightforward to manage with configurable workflows.

Industry-leading, easy to use and accessible on-the-go, digital dictation and speech recognition tools free up your teams to focus on more important tasks.

BigHand Advantages

Digital dictation offers several advantages over traditional cassette tape-based dictation:

  • The user can instantly rewind or fast forward to any point within the dictation file to review or edit
  • The random-access ability of digital audio allows inserting audio at any point without overwriting the following text
  • Dictation produces a file which can be transferred electronically
  • Large dictation files can be shared with multiple typists
  • Sound is better than CD quality and can improve transcription accuracy and speed

Harness the power of voice, with BigHand Dictate and BigHand Speech Recognition.

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