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Email Security

Egress is well known in the legal sector for delivering security platforms to maintain client confidentiality by preventing misdirected emails and attachments plus encrypting sensitive data.

By using contextual machine learning algorithms, Egress can detect when individuals are about to send an email or attachment to the wrong recipient(s), then ensure that the right level of security has been applied to your sensitive data.

Key Benefits of Egress

Protect confidentiality - ensure client files are only shared with authorised recipients, including enforcing ethical walls for email.
Reduce user friction - make it easy for senders and recipients to use Egress technology, ensuring security doesn't impact productivity.
Comply with regulations - Egress technology protects personal data to ensure you can comply with global regulations, including GDPR.

Accesspoint is an authorised Egress reseller and we are able to integrate Egress into all our hosted platforms and deliver integrated support services for all Egress application suites.

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