Microsoft Office 365 Exchange

Building blocks for your desired solution

Business class E-mail

Exchange delivers – business class e-mail, calendar and contacts with 50GB mailboxes for every user and the ability to send attachments of up to 150MB, where connectivity allows.

The ability to seamlessly migrate all your e-mail and other data to the Office 365 cloud, implementing all the applications for all users, have allowed us to improve the way in which the majority of our clients operate on a day-to-day basis.

Our migration service

We can work with your team to migrate your e-mail from either your in-house exchange platform to any hosted exchange solution, or even from one cloud provider to another, all without any interruption in service, allowing your fee earners to carry on with their daily activities whilst the process is underway.

During the migration procedure our engineers will scope out the project, provision the new platform in accordance to requirement and then make use of specialist software to extract e-mail from the old platform into the new platform in a secure encrypted manner.

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