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The history of Accesspoint

About Accesspoint Technologies

Our point of difference is employing people with knowledge, experience and have a ‘vision’ for the future.

We always aim to be one step ahead and plan for the future, adopting new ideas and technology for the greater good of our clients and our business.

We focus on supplying high quality support services and innovative IT solutions to the legal sector and are committed to working in partnership with our clients, to improve their business’ performance.

The success of our Technologies brand has now provided a base for us to develop our portfolio and diversify our ‘dedicated to legal’ offering with other complimenting specialist services offered via our Legal Services and Media Services brands. We supply a host of Practice focused managed IT solutions which make it possible for you and your employees to work from anywhere at any time ensuring that both fee earning and support staff efficiency is at its peak, at all levels, at all times.

January 2010

Accesspoint History – 2010

Formed in 2010 our Technologies brand is the most established company within the Accesspoint Group, employing a strong team of well-known individuals with good ‘hands-on’ Legal IT grounding.

As a new start business, we were very quickly making waves within the legal space and started to attract a number, of highly respected firms onto our client base – most of which are still with us today.

April 2014

Accesspoint History – 2014

Our journey so far has seen progressive year on year growth with one office move in 2014 from London Docklands to much needed larger premises in Harold Hill. Also, in 2014, we commissioned the addition of our own ‘dedicated to legal’ data centre presence – ‘the LegalDC’ which is, located in North London.

June 2016

Accesspoint History – 2016

As the business continued to grow so did our investment back into the business, including the formation of a senior management team to provide continuous improvements and efficiencies across the board all of which benefiting both clients and staff alike.

December 2017

Accesspoint History – 2017

Our continuous re-investment programme saw an upgrade to Hyper-converged technology at a cost of some £300k. This was undertaken in December 2017 and is now at the heart of our second production platform.

June 2020

Accesspoint History – 2020

Our next 3 years will see us continuing to develop in this way, investing much of our profit back into our underlying infrastructure, client service delivery and value-added services.

December 2023

Accesspoint History – 2023

In December 2023, Accesspoint Technologies became part of iomart Group PLC. This strategic decision was driven by the ambition to build on our 14-year history and align ourselves with a leading UK Cloud Services Provider to offer our clients a greater range of relevant services. This marks a significant chapter in our history, signalling growth and innovation while preserving the integrity of our mission.

Our belief at Accesspoint is that; success in business means providing quality work and excellent customer service at a competitive price. It means keeping up with technology and staying ahead of the competition. To do that, you need skilled staff who are full of ideas, know the job and understand business priorities. In short people who have been properly trained within the legal sector.

Richard Roebuck – Managing Director