Azure Connectivity

Extend on-premise networks into the Microsoft cloud

Premium Connectivity

When making use of either public or private cloud solutions firms need to factor in connectivity and security to fully utilise the benefits these solutions have to offer.

Low quality connectivity will have a major negative impact on the services that firms get from cloud solutions. In most business cases firms will have suitable connectivity to make use of all the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 public cloud services, over their standard office or home connectivity.

Microsoft ExpressRoute

In certain instances, however, depending on the solution utilised, a firm will need a direct connection into the Microsoft Azure or Office 365 cloud by making use of a private connection. We can assist with the implementation and configuration of a Microsoft ExpressRoute which will extend your on-premise or private cloud network into the Microsoft cloud making use of a private connection facilitated by one of our connectivity partners.

Benefits of Microsoft ExpressRoute

  • Layer 3 connectivity between your on-premise or private cloud network through our connectivity partners
  • Making use of all Microsoft services across all geographical regions making use of the ExpressRoute premium add-on
  • Dynamic routing between your on-premise or private cloud and Microsoft
  • Built in Microsoft redundancy in all peering locations
  • Connectivity SLA to ensure uptime
  • Quality of Service (QoS) support for Microsoft Streaming services such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
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