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Real Time Replication to Azure

As a value-added Bolt-On solution, Accesspoint also offer a Real Time Replication (RTR) solution using an application called Zerto, another industry leading solution, to stream client platforms in real time between your primary on-site environment to our secondary failover platform (Azure).

Real Time Replication significantly lowers the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) time frames for Business Continuity solutions.

Our Replication Model

At Accesspoint Technologies, we configure our Real Time Replication (RTR) platforms with an RPO threshold of 1 hour and a recovery history of 5 days.
We can therefore recover to any specific hourly interval during an historical 5-day period. In real time, the RPO drops to a matter of seconds as opposed to an hour, making it one of the best business continuity platforms on the market.

Our RTR platforms are configured to contain all data within the UK, providing compliance with all the standard UK regulations and requirements.

Why is IT resilience important for law firms?

Many SME firms face common hurdles that a lack of IT resilience can bring:

  • Providing reliable information and application availability within the firm to support workflows and reduce the time spent accessing case data.
  • Dealing with the complexity of unifying different infrastructures once mergers and acquisitions occur.
  • Managing and testing multiple solutions that are needed to maintain diverse IT environments.
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Utilising Virtual Replication

Minimise data loss with continuous data protection - ZVR utilises continuous data protection to ensure minimal data loss occurs within your firm, it uses an enterprise- class Disaster Recovery (DR) plan with RPOs taking seconds rather than the slow performing solutions seen before.

Consistent protection for various IT environments - As your firm continues to grow, your IT infrastructure will become more diverse and it will inevitably become difficult to deliver an effective disaster recovery strategy. The simple, efficient software solution that ZVR has to offer, operates within the hypervisor-based disaster recovery process, ensuring application protection no matter the IT environment.

Reduce costs to invest in other areas of the firm - Many firms use expensive complex disaster recovery software which can require a large amount of resources to maintain, leaving little room for investment in other projects. As ZVR replicates between different types of storage and servers, it extends the life of existing assets and with the simplicity of ZVR it provides easy and fast management for IT administrators, ultimately freeing up resources to invest elsewhere - providing a better client experience.

How it works

Through the combination of the Zerto IT Resilience Platform and Microsoft Azure, your firm will be able to achieve unmatched IT resilience by simplifying your data protection and its disaster recovery.  Zerto facilitates a fast and flexible workload migration to and from Azure, whilst accelerating cloud adoption. Utilise Microsoft Azure as an alternative disaster recovery site, to eliminate the capital cost associated with owning and operating your own Datacentre.

Once Accesspoint implements Zerto within Azure, a Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) is deployed from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which combines the management component from Zerto Virtual Manager and Virtual Replication Appliance together.

Your firm will have an Azure Storage Account that is automatically created by the ZCA and then used to store the incoming replicated data, through cost effective Blob storage. When replicating out of an Azure site, replication is achieved through a new Managed Disk that tracks changes in the data volumes of secured VMs

Key Features

Cost effective disaster recovery:  Instantly see the financial benefits that come with making Microsoft Azure your firm's disaster recovery site, as you only pay for what you use with limitless burst capacity.

Easy migrations between Azure sites: Zerto offers your firm mobility and protection to, from or between Azure sites. It Migrates applications and data to the cloud, quickly and without impact to production environments. Additionally, Zerto can be implemented in any underlying infrastructure without configuration changes needed.

  • RPOs of Seconds with Continuous Data Replication
  • Speed Up Cloud Adoption
  • Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Enabled
  • Easily Recover Entire Sites, Multi-VM Apps, VMs, and Files
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