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Secure Storage Vault

IT Glue is an award-winning documentation platform that allows for efficient storage and retrieval of all the documentation you need.

Accesspoint make use of ITGLUE as the backbone for documenting all our client and platform information securely making use of its SOC2 compliance.

Key Benefits of IT Glue

IT Glue has invested significant resources, both initially and ongoing, to achieve SOC 2 compliance and this comprehensive certification demonstrates adherence to their Trust Service Principles

Registered as ITGLUE resellers, we are able, to implement ITGlue and its baby brother MyGlue for all our clients to benefit from the secure content and password storage workspace.

Secure Password Management - Give your firm a new sense of security as this feature offers an immutable audit trail along with a next generation password management engine and more.

30+ Native Integrations - The wide range of integrations with major PSA, RMM, BDR and other platforms give your firm plenty to choose from or even build your own tailored integrations.

Enterprise-Grade Security - Ensure all, of your security needs are met, with the SOC 2 compliance feature, access control, password vault and more.

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