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With the ever-increasing digital workspace, firms are pushing to implement paperless or paper-light solutions, relying less and less on working with physical paper.

Even with the implementation of our online client portals, printing physical correspondence is sometimes still a necessity.

About TS Print

Some non-commercial printers such as older generation home printers do not ship with compatible drivers to print to cloud solutions. In these rare instances we make use of a universal printer driver solution called TSPRINT, which maps unsupported printers through to the cloud as a generic printer.

TSPRINT removes the headache of printing remotely and is a cost-effective solution to deal with unsupported printers, compared to replacing all unsupported devices with supported devices.

Easy and fast deployment - Get started in no time as the TSPrint installation uses plug-and-play technology to eliminate the need for configuration. The installer is equipped with a silent install option so your firm can deploy across the network. Additionally, MSI packages with simple active directory deployment are also available for your firm.

Key Features of TS Print

Driverless printing - Remove the need to install printer drivers on the terminal server when using TSPrint. Once installed, TSPrint includes its own virtual printer driver that takes out any unnecessary hassle and saves much needed time as it receives print jobs, compresses it and sends it to the local workstation.

Improved printing performance - Experience improved printing performance with TSPrint, the compression technology provided with every use delivers extraordinary performance that beats alternative methods which historically have seen firm’s encountering long wait times between print jobs.

Send your print jobs to any printer - Enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to send your print jobs to other printer devices, such as a colleague’s printer. Simply, send jobs to the TSPrint network printer where you can access the currently logged in remote desktop users along with the local printers in the area.

Other included features that offer many benefits to your firm include being able to work on any network, opening files locally and transferring files as you please.

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