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Accesspoint are an Independent Specialist Legal IT provider who consult on a variety of Information Technology (IT) related issues, offering the best in IT solutions to help firms work more effectively.

Totally dedicated to Legal IT, we are passionate in how technology can be applied and leveraged on the ground for practicing Law firms.

At Accesspoint we have bags of knowledge and years of hands-on experience, and that’s why we think about Legal IT differently and in refreshing ways …

High quality Legal IT solutions

Accesspoint can provide a host of business focused managed IT solutions which make it possible for you and your employees to work from anywhere at anytime, ensuring that both fee earning and support staff efficiency is at its peak at all times. Previously we have worked with the most complex of infrastructures providing support for backup, storage and disaster recovery, managing and delivering a range of services, including the data transfer of existing client and matter data then setting up in a new PMS through to training and handover.

We have an ever growing portfolio of clients, employing a strong team of well-known individuals with good Legal IT grounding and background. With total focus on supplying high quality support services and innovative IT solutions to the Legal sector we are committed to our clients, to improve their business’ performance across all working partnerships. Accesspoint’s philosophy is “Put the client first, their business is our business”.


Dot on the horizon – by Richard Roebuck

LPM magazine Richard Roebuck

Firms often look to stories of success to learn new ways of working, but perhaps most hard-hitting would be to learn from the firms that fail.

Good technology is the basis of any wellfunctioning business in the 21st century – as competition becomes tighter with new technology capabilities, now really isn’t the time to be sitting on your laurels. The ramifications are huge, says Richard Roebuck, managing director at Accesspoint.

“When the wheels come off and things go wrong, it’s quite serious. For law firms, especially in the SME market, failing to get technology aligned correctly may prove to be fatal to business.”

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LPM magazine Dawson Cornwell

New Frontiers – by Richard Roebuck

The world of legal IT is vast these days, and is advancing at such a pace that many of us are left wondering where to turn and where to head next.

To a large extent, and at a certain level, as IT providers we can sometimes forget our place. The fundamental rule in the application of technology or with business-based technological advancement should be that we apply and develop it to meet the daily business requirements, future ambitions and market forces being applied to our organisations – rather than the business itself attempting to follow the IT department or service provider’s strategy.

“If we fail to at least attempt to understand what the future market may look like, we will absolutely fail to develop a meaningful IT strategy and set of solutions to meet those future demands.”

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LPM magazine Richard Roebuck

Recipe for Recovery – by Victor van der Poel

LPM magazine

Victor van der Poel, director at Accesspoint Technologies, tells LPM about the importance of preparing for disaster – and how to create an effective plan.

Are SME firms prepared for disaster? In the past, they mainly had to contend with fire or flood, but in an increasingly digital world there are more catastrophes waiting to strike than ever – and firms may not be as prepared as they think.

Victor van der Poel, director at Accesspoint Technologies, says there are numerous disasters that could cause businesses to cease operations for hours, days or even weeks – but perhaps the most common and damaging are tech failures.

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Making IT happen is critical,

making IT happen well is an art.