Asigra Cloud Backup

A secure safety net for all data

powered by Asigra

Protection for your data

It is probably fair to say that most sensible IT organisations will not be able to provide a 100% guarantee that hardware will never fail and from that perspective we are no different. Hardware does and will fail. It’s how we deal with the consequences that is most important.

In addition to the live replication in place within our hyper-converged environment, as a part of our standard offering, we also make full use of the industry leading Asigra backup solution.

Enterprise End to End Encryption

The AssureStor backup2cloud Asigra platform delivers an Asigra based Cloud backup service which includes replication of all protected data over two geo-diverse data centres, centralised management via the AMC portal and options to enable inline backup and restore virus protection reducing the risk of Ransomware infections within the backup repository.

Key Benefits of Asigra

With our Asigra service, all of your selected (mutually agreed and pre-identified) critical data i.e. Word, Excel, PDF files and so forth will be backed up nightly, with your data being securely transferred from within your hosted environment to a UK based, off-site secondary platform, owned run and managed by Asigra themselves. Your data is fully encrypted both during transit and whilst at rest within its secondary location.

Your data is retained against the following standard data retention policy:

  • Databases - 1 month, daily retention
  • Files/Folders - 12 months, daily retention
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