Our Datacentre

a world class facility ‘dedicated to legal’

Our Datacentre

We have our own ‘dedicated to legal’, private Tier 3 Data Centre presence based in North London which is the UK’s first and only ‘Dedicated to Legal’ private datacentre presence of its kind.

Designed and equipped to meet the highest levels of quality service delivery, resilience and security, it is quickly becoming the preferred choice for Legal IT professionals across the UK.

The LegalDC

The centre employs a 6-level set of security protocols incorporating perimeter security and access checks, CCTV surveillance and permanent on-site security staffing, providing the highest levels of data security anywhere within the UK. Every aspect of our DC security policy is tested regularly, and our processes and procedures are covered by the ISO27001 certification.

The LegalDC

DELL Hardware

Partnering with Dell and investing in the very latest generation of server hardware and infrastructure technology, we have built our production platform based around Hyper-Converged Infrastructure or HCI.

Rather than utilising individual computing and storage units as separate hardware level entities, HCI processing and storage units are now treated as a collective, single physical entity or cluster, making the whole deployment greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

Our HCI platform boasts a high degree of resilience, as we employ a dedicated replication node within the environment that switches over should a master node experience any kind of failure. This switchover happens within seconds and can take place without hindrance to the end user service.

The introduction of HCI technology affords us the opportunity to boost our core switching infrastructure to 10gbps, ensuring super low levels of network transfer speeds across our core platforms.

Our Infrastructure