Network Solutions and Management

Fully managed and tailored to your requirements

Superfast Connectivity

One of the most important features to factor in when making use of any cloud solution, whether Private, Public or Hybrid is that of connectivity between your endpoints and that of the backend hosted infrastructure.

Connectivity for our hosted clients, to our datacentre presence can be achieved in a number, of ways. The most cost-effective means of achieving this is via the public network (the Internet). To ensure that the highest levels of security are maintained, we prefer to provide access over the public network via a permanent branch office VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection (for your core sites) which terminate at our fully monitored, concurrently maintainable, load balanced Juniper firewall solution.

Leased Line and Point to Point Connectivity

The most efficient and preferred connectivity solution for office-based connections are Leased Lines or Point to Point Leased Lines, which are private Business Grade internet lines providing firms uncontended fixed bandwidth internet connectivity, carrying strict SLAs.

Accesspoint partner up with all the leading ISPs to provide you, with cutting edge connectivity ensuring your connection to our hosted platform and the internet is fast, reliable and budget friendly. We can provide leased line packages from 2Mbit through to 1Gbit+ all tailored to suit your requirements.

We can provide “point to point” (to connect offices together), “point to internet” (the most common, connects your office to the internet) as both managed and unmanaged connections, or “MPLS / VPLS” where you can connect your offices together to allow for voice / data between locations over fast secure networks between locations.

All leased lines come with monitoring as standard so our NOC engineers can spot issues on your connections before they impact your users.

FTTC/Broadband Connectivity

The most efficient and preferred connectivity solution for remote or home connections is that of SSL VPN technology over FTTC / Broadband.

Accesspoint can assist with connectivity for satellite offices and homeworkers with our fast, reliable FTTC services. We can provide FTTC (up to 80Mbit download / 20Mbit upload) to nearly all UK locations (we also offer traditional ADSL packages as well for locations where FTTC is not available) through our strategic partner CityFiber (Entanet). Our FTTC services are perfect where you need to balance speed and budget.

Transit Carriers

At Accesspoint we understand that we need to be available 24/7 so you can work wherever and whenever you need to, that’s why we’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading network providers to ensure that we’re always available. We work with CoreIX, Exponential-E and City Fiber to ensure that no matter where or when in the world you are, we have outstanding low latency connectivity to our datacentre without traffic passing securely and reliably over proven networks with the availability you need.

We use CoreIX and Exponential E as our preferred datacentre carriers to provide the many services that we provide seamlessly to our hosted clients. We work with City Fiber to connect you to our platform with their connectivity and extensive private network based in the UK providing connectivity from 2Mbit all the way up to 1Gbit+ connections for your office

Network and Platform Management

We understand that without access to your hosted cloud platform you cannot function as a business, that’s why we have a specially designed monitoring platform that alerts our engineers to potential problems before they happen, as we believe in the “it’s better to put the fire out before it gets started” approach to network management. We monitor thousands of different metrics and gather in excess of 175GB of data per day from our platform for further analysis to ensure our platform and services on it are always available.

On machines we monitor Disk, Network, Memory and CPU along with gathering event logs to ensure that if something goes wrong we have the information we need to diagnose the issue quickly and effectively, on Networks we monitor latency, bandwidth and device health to ensure that if a connection goes down we are able to work with our providers to get it back on air while providing timely updates on the issue, eliminating any frustration around connectivity and getting on with your work.

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