Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Plan for the unexpected

Complete Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the process of getting all important IT infrastructure and operations up and running following an outage. Business continuity differs in that it is the process of getting the entire business back to full functionality after a crisis.

At Accesspoint we define it slightly differently in that Disaster Recovery is our ability to recover client data from a set of backups after the event that something has gone wrong. Our Business Continuity platform on the other hand allows firms to fail over to a secondary production environment should their main hosted platform become compromised or unavailable in any event.

Industry Leading Backups

We use specialist applications such as Veeam to take snapshots of all virtual servers on a daily basis and then keep the snapshots for up to a week, allowing us to easily recover and restore an entire virtual server including all data, in a short period of time, either to the same hardware or alternate hardware.

We also make use of the industry leading Acronis Backup Cloud to securely stream all client data off to the Acronis Cloud platform, allowing us to either restore individual files or full backup sets from their platform.

The combination of Veeam and Acronis allows us to quickly recover data, whilst ensuring that a third copy of your data securely resides outside of our main datacentre facility.

Replicated Failover

As a bolt-on service, clients can make use of Zerto Real Time Replication to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where the entire platform will be replicated, in real time, to Microsoft Azure. Should the primary hosted platform become unavailable our engineers will fail your platform over to Microsoft Azure in a relatively short period of time, whilst the issue with the main primary platform is being resolved, after which your platform will be migrated back from Azure to the primary datacentre.

Zerto Replication