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Legal IT Cloud Hosting

Cloud and hosted computing is the future for the modern law firm who would like to leverage that competitive edge from their IT platforms.

Choosing your cloud partner will be one of the most critical decisions a law firm makes when reviewing their IT services, as not all IT service providers provide the same levels and quality of service.

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Why Accesspoint?

We have extensive knowledge and are the leading legally focused service provider in the UK. We continually invest in our platforms to ensure that we attain leading edge performance and our clients benefit from the best of breed in technology. We also employ qualified engineers and partner with Enterprise providers such as DELL, VMWARE and Juniper to ensure that our services are fully optimised for performance, stability and security.

Our primary Datacentre is located, in North London from where we service all our hosted clients, this includes our public cloud services such as the Microsoft Azure platform which some clients may require.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

A Cloud or Hosted Platform will provide your practice with a full range of IT applications and services without the need to invest and maintain an exhaustive list of IT infrastructure and licensing.

Our Cloud offerings allow firms to consume computing on a pay per usage basis and this is usually calculated and billed on a fixed price per user per month, which includes all computing and licensing requirements.

The seven major benefits for moving from on-premise IT infrastructure and licensing to a cloud platform are:


We invest heavily in our datacentres to ensure that all our clients always benefit from the latest and best of breed in technology. We partner with leading enterprises such as DELL, VMWARE and Juniper to ensure that our platforms operate at their optimum performance and highest security levels which in turn ensure optimal productivity to our clients.


We have qualified security experts monitoring our platforms around the clock 24/7 to protect client platforms. We also partner with independent security experts to conduct regular penetration testing on our platforms to ensure that our platform security remains fully protected.


Our engineers take care of all the labour-intensive daily tasks to allow firms to focus on their own business with the reassurance that their IT platforms are being looked after.


Our platforms are scalable, and we are able, to provision resources and additional services at very short notice, giving our clients the flexibility to expand or add additional services with very little notice.


Very few firms can afford to run their platforms in full high availability mode. We make use of the latest Hyper Converged Technology to ensure that data is mirrored across multiple devices ensuring no single point of failure occurs within any of our platforms.


With cloud computing, firms are able, to scale up and down dynamically as the firm expands or contracts, always having the required resources available to suit their business requirements at that particular moment in time.


Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying and maintaining hardware and licenses in house. Now, firms can pay for what they use on a monthly basis – similar, to what you would do for utilities e.g. electricity consumption.

What does this mean to you?

You can now access advanced business services at a fraction of the cost, reduce your management overheads by not doing it yourself, plus pay on a fixed and predictable cost basis, like you would with a utility. The result – No surprises and No cost spikes. This approach massively reduces both the operational and financial risks involved when implementing new technologies.

Our services are delivered to you in line with powerful pre-agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that will prove very costly to match in-house. We believe Utility Computing, accessed via our Cloud or Hosted infrastructure is your opportunity to:

  •  Reduce your practices running costs
  •  Quickly access new technologies
  •  Improve service levels
  •  Free up your firm’s capital
  •  Keep control of your IT and focus on business development
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