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Manage Email Signatures

Managing various departmental and even individual email signatures can be a cumbersome task, whether on a dedicated private exchange solution or the cloud.

With an ever-increasing workforce and ongoing operational changes, firms need a solution to centrally manage all their email signatures securely.
We make use of the industry leading email signature and disclaimer management solution from CodeTwo. 

About CodeTwo

CodeTwo Email Signatures is a cloud-based software that allows you to create and centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers for all users in your Office 365 tenant or Microsoft Exchange. The service works with all email clients (including mobile devices) - you can always be sure that users’ email signatures are correctly inserted, regardless of what device messages are sent from.

Key Benefits of CodeTwo

Support for all mail clients and mobile devices - CodeTwo provide firms with support for all mail clients and mobile devices, the Email Signature for Office 365 is an innovative solution that will let you centrally manage email signatures in any Office 365 environment. Regardless of whatever device is used to send messages, you can be assured that a consistent layout will be given as signatures are added automatically by CodeTwo Email Azure Services (seated directly in the cloud).

Full control over the layout of the signature (including the capability to add side banners, headers, etc.) - This feature makes managing all office signatures and disclaimers easy, as the single email signature management solution facilitates various modes and templates that best fit your firm’s needs: server-side, client-side or both. Take control as you create server-side signature rules and decide which users and email messages get signatures or even define your own keywords that will trigger specific signature rules when an email is sent.

Additional Benefits

Option to add Office 365 users' photos to email signatures - Your firm can now add a personal touch to internal and external emails as CodeTwo gives your firm the option to easily and quickly add an Office 365 user’s photo and format to email signatures.

Fast and easy deployment - The overall setup for CodeTwo is simple, once we set up the program to work in the server-side signature mode, all your firm will need is an Office 365 user account with the global administrator role. We will guide you through all the steps necessary to ensure all users have a fast and easy deployment.

Delegate management to specific users or teams

Built-in signature template editor with predefined signature layouts

Placeholders based on sender’s and firm’s properties

The software also helps you meet many of your GDPR goals not only due to the security mechanisms implemented at its core but also because we care about the privacy of your data.

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