Veeam Daily Backup

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Daily Virtual Snapshots

Alongside our nightly Acronis file level backup, we also undertake full image copies of your virtual servers and storage disks using the backup toolset - Veeam. Veeam is the market leader for providing backup solutions that enable and deliver Cloud Data Management.

The main premise behind this particular, element of our backup service is that we can recover from the failure of any of your individual servers within your live/production environment quickly. It provides a single platform for modernising backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data.

About Veeam Backups

Accesspoint is a registered VEEAM reseller. We utilise the VEEAM backup and replication software suite to backup all of our virtual servers on a daily basis to our main datacentre presence in North London. This enables us to provide super-fast recovery of a single file or an entire virtual server over our 10Gbps backbone without undue delay. We take VEEAM machine and disk image backups nightly and are able to restore back to any historical backup copy going back in time up to 7 days.

Key Benefits of Veeam

Better Backup - Firms can now easily meet backup objectives for SAP, HANA and Oracle databases with parallel backup stream processing, whilst extending scalability and mitigating against data gaps.

Faster Recovery - Firms can often face common recovery challenges such as loss of productivity from large datacentre outages or slow migration to the cloud from using traditional recovery. Instead the Veeam package utilises a next generation instant recovery engine that provides your firm with the necessary tools to recover anything to vSphere.

Smarter Data - Allow your firm to feel secure and make confident, informed decisions while staying on top of Nutanix AHV workloads. Additionally, make use of the new insights for NAS data to ensure your firm has better storage usage and planning. All of this will lead to saving lots of money due to the reduced cloud egress costs.

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Veeam One

Veeam One delivers deep and intelligent monitoring, reporting and automation tools for your firm.

In addition to reliable backup, Veeam ONE offers real-time visibility of your entire environment to manage; data protection efforts, business-critical applications, and a variety of storage targets located on-premise. Neglecting proper visibility will result in a number, of issues for users:

  • Limited monitoring and exposure to critical tasks
  • No access to pre-built reports
  • Limited assistance with forecasting growth
  • Lack of visibility into critical apps
  • No automation to help reduce workload on employees

To solve this challenge, Veeam ONE Business View provides an unmatched amount of visibility into any environment, resulting in firms having the power to give their users the ability to create custom rules as and when needed and also drive categorisations based on their individual requirements.

Veeam ONE includes many other useful features designed to improve infrastructure performance using easy monitoring applications for performance and health issues.