Cyber Security

Threat prevention and detection

Cyber Protection

Cyber Security as defined by the NCSC is how individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

Cyber security’s core function is to protect the devices we all use (smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers), and the services we access – both online and at work – from theft or damage. It is also about preventing unauthorised access to the vast amounts of personal information we store on these devices, and online.

Platform Security

We take the collective security of our core hosted platforms, and all other platforms we manage very seriously. We have systems and solutions in place which monitor and protect our platforms on a 24/7/365 basis.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has a Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP). This is a joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time, in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment. Accesspoint is an active member of the NCSC CiSP and ensure that all our platforms are protected, as best as can be, against the latest threats highlighted by the program.

Our security

Our core security services include

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