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CloudAlly-Security Solutions: Gaining Control of your firm’s data

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Protecting your firm from data loss can be a full-on job, which requires constant monitoring and frequent investments in order to remain effective. However, as you may know, for SME firms that level of effort may not always be feasible and whilst solutions such as the Microsoft 365 SaaS Platform can offer firms the benefits of its flexibility, scalability and collaboration mechanisms, Microsoft cannot protect you from data loss at your end – from some of the most prevalent causes, such as human error, hackers, malware, ransomware, phishing, outages and more.

This is where CloudAlly comes in…

CloudAlly is a secure and comprehensive recovery solution for Microsoft 365, Teams and OneDrive.

Why CloudAlly is right for your firm

Maximise your existing storage with BYOS

CloudAlly’s Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) allows you to use your own Amazon S3 compatible storage to backup your data. Maximize on your existing infrastructure while reducing costs with BYOS.

Improve self-service recover

CloudAlly’s self-service recovery² further improves the disaster recovery time, while reducing the dependence on over-worked IT Admins, by putting the ability to recover in the hands of the end user. Particularly helpful with a globally distributed team.

Reduce SaaS platform license costs and streamline workforce management

With CloudAlly you can back up the account data when an employee exits and then use cross-user restore of the data to the new employee’s account. Not only does this significantly reduce license costs, but it also facilitates easy workforce management with seamless onboarding and off-boarding of employees.

Accesspoint are now partners with CloudAlly and can provide your firm with the best security solutions

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