Phishing Awareness

Think before you click

Phishing/Scam E-mails

Phishing e-mails as defined by the NCSC are when criminals try to convince you to click on links within a scam email or text message, or to give your sensitive information away (such as bank details). Once clicked, you may be sent to a dodgy (fraudulent) website capable of downloading viruses onto your computer, or alarmingly steal your passwords.

These scam messages (or ‘phishes’) can be very hard to spot and are designed to get you to react without thinking.

PHISH-IT Protection

Firms can invest in the best security software and procedures but still be exposed. With cyber security becoming more sophisticated, a firm’s weakest link from a security perspective will always be its employees.

Phishing and ransomware attacks are becoming so sophisticated, that all employees need to become basic security specialists in their own right, to be able to distinguish whether e-mails and requests for information are indeed legitimate and are coming from valid and trusted sources.

We partner with PHISH-IT to deliver awareness training to clients. The platform will regularly simulate a phishing attack, making use of the latest vulnerabilities known, to try and expose employee security weaknesses. The system will then proactively work with employees to improve on their general knowledge of phishing and ransomware attacks, mitigating the risk of becoming a victim to real time attackers.

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