Azure Active Directory and DNS

Seamless access to applications

Microsoft Azure

Azure offers many great benefits that you would expect from one of the world’s largest cloud providers.

Updates are available instantly, whereas traditional providers may take up to 24 hours for information to become available across the internet, we typically quote 5-10 minutes after the changes are made.

Benefits of Azure

  • The ability to integrate with our in-house systems to allow for seamless HTTPS / SSL certificate renewals, ensuring that your site is always available without errors
  • Azure DNS uses a global network of name servers to provide fast responses to DNS queries. DNS queries automatically route to the closest name servers to give you the best possible performance.
  • The Microsoft global network of name servers has the scale and redundancy to give you ultra-high availability for your domains.

Azure Active Directory services

We encourage integration with Azure Active Directory for all our clients, and as a standard we offer the ability to seamlessly connect your cloud hosted active directory with the Azure Active Directory to allow for single sign on for Microsoft services. This then allows your staff access to all the Microsoft 365 apps and services with a single login, while having the benefits of Multifactor authentication as standard to keep your data safe and secure.

Azure Active Directory allows for enhanced security reporting when integrated with Microsoft Cloud App Security which provides up to the second data relating to all attempts to access data across your Azure Active Directory and all the connected services – giving you ‘full peace of mind’.

Single Sign On

If you are using Microsoft Teams then Azure Active Directory integration allows you to have a single sign on with all the security benefits into the Teams ecosystem so that staff can share, collaborate and communicate safely and securely with minimal technical effort required.

We also offer the ability to do away with traditional on-premise domains and the complexity they bring. When you move to our hosted services we can set up all your existing machines on Azure Active Directory so you have the benefit of being able to sign in on those machines with your Cloud / Azure credentials, giving you a seamless end-to-end solution, plus the added benefit of cost savings by not having to maintain on-site servers.

When user computers are connected to the Azure Active Directory, they can login securely from anywhere in the world allowing for easy secure remote working.

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