Penetration Testing

Ethical security checks

24/7/365 Platform Protection

We take security very seriously and invest a significant amount of resource to ensure that our platforms are protected 24/7/365.

We don’t stop there though, as an extra precaution we make use of Ethical Hacking Partners to regularly complete simulated security attacks on our platform to ensure that we have all possible security vulnerabilities protected.

Ethical Hack Testing

Our Ethical Hacking Partners are specialists in the industry and make it their business to ensure that they are aware of the latest vulnerabilities exploited by the real-world hackers. Working with them we ensure that we implement the necessary protocols and remediation steps to protect our clients against these threats.

During these simulated attacks our Ethical Hacking Partners will launch a real time attack on our core platform, without prior knowledge of our engineering and security teams. The Ethical Hackers make use of the latest tests on security to try and penetrate our platforms.

Once the attacks have been completed a detailed report is generated and delivered to which we then work as a team to fix vulnerabilities, should any be identified.

These regular simulated attacks ensure that we always apply the highest level of protection to our client platforms.

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