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Security threats and helping your firm take control of IT

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Within the UK, law firms are amongst the most susceptible businesses to encounter cyber-attacks and various forms of data breaches, perhaps due to the highly valuable information stored within the firms and the benefits they bring if they fall into the wrong hands.  

Recent data breach reports show that 71% of breaches are financially motivated. A single attack can become very expensive to recover from and unfortunately in most cases the damage done to the unsuspecting client cannot be undone.  

Maintaining trust is extremely important between your firm and its clients, once that bond is broken it is never truly recovered and word can spread fast, the harm done to a firm’s reputation as a result of compromised client data can be irreparable and could result in lost business from all angles.  

Ensuring your firm is well equipped to navigate around the tricky and often successful attempts made to enter an IT system is vital, not only for your firm but most importantly for your clients. 

Prevention is always better than cure and this is especially true for cyber-attacks and security threats. 

Where does Accesspoint come in?

Our team of legal IT specialists are trained to ensure that firms have the best solutions in place, whilst providing support and ongoing maintenance to help you stay protected from all possible security threats. 

Multi Factor Authentication

Once we implement our integrations your users will be able to login to your hosted platform with App based security to keep your data safe from outside threats. Our engineers monitor extensive reporting tactics to ensure a streamlined authentication experience is provided in a simple, safe and secure way. 

Device Encryption

Once a device is no longer in your control, its data then becomes vulnerable to unauthorised access. Our Device Encryption will help keep confidential data secure as it mitigates unauthorised data access by enhancing file and systems protection. Additionally, the device encryption can provide the highest level of security without hindering performance through its compatibility with hardware encryption modules and data recovery features. 

Email Security

Phishing attacks have now become more elaborate and sophisticated. At Accesspoint we ensure your firm stays informed and savvy on the latest phishing tricks, through simulated attacks, helping both you and us to identify weaknesses as well as improve the general knowledge of staff to avoid becoming a victim of real threats. 

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