Delivering the Future of Digital Dictation

Since 1998 Oyez Speech has been a market-leading provider of digital dictation and transcription solutions. They offer the benefits of national coverage, purpose-made products, the very latest technologies, competitive pricing and an absolute 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Highly accurate professional word recognition from day one!

Oyez Speech V7

A beautifully designed, feature-rich dictation system and is the most innovative cloud based speech workflow solution available in the UK today.

Speech Recognition can save hours of your firms time every day!

Capturing spoken dictation and instantly turning it into text is not only fast and easy; it can dramatically improve document turnaround times and reduce your dependency on support staff.

  • Easy Installation
  • Access across one or many sites
  • Convenient document templates
  • Cloud hosting available

Utilising Speech Recognition technology to reduce the time you spend on common tasks, such as composing emails, can help you save several hours each day. Being able to operate without the support of a transcriptionist offers real benefits when your office is short-staffed. Holiday periods and sickness absences need no longer cause delays or disruption.

Features include:

  • Compatible with all case document management Systems
  • Integration is easy and straight forward
  • Allows use of tailored document templates for letters, case notes, spreadsheets, emails, etc.
  • Auto-correct feature ensures minimum corrections required
  • Livetime tracking allows you to monitor the status of all dictations

Oyez Speech Docs

Thanks to the simplicity of Oyez Speechdocs users can increase productivity by utilizing professional frontend speech recognition. The time consuming typing of dictated reports is no longer necessary, leading to a reduction in the document creation process.


You can dictate your letters, file notes and reports efficiently into your own document templates and use all the functions of MS word at the same time.

You can also access and dictate into prior documents which saves time and effort. You operate the Oyez Speechdocs completely within your chosen application where document creation is required.

During dictation you can already see the report in the finished format. The dictated text, speech commands or text modules entered by speech recognition are displayed in the document. You can also listen to your dictation again to make quick changes. Alternatively you can send the reports created via Oyez Speechdocs to a typist for correction. The typist listens to the dictation and makes text corrections if necessary.

High Recognition rate

When you work with Oyez Speechdocs interactive front-end speech recognition as a user, you benefit from a specialised vocabulary that can be customised and extended with your own words enabling you to create a personalized vocabulary.

Oyez Speechdocs adapts continuously to your speech and dictation type. It automatically leanrs when you make corrections – even if they are made afterwards by a typist. The interaction is therefore reduced to a minimum. The result is a sustained improvement in the recognition rate.

  • Filters out background noise
  • Studio quality sound
  • Ergonomic hand fit
  • The most professional dictation microphone ever
  • Superior speech recognition performance

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