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Is the Cloud Hosting Right for You

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At Accesspoint we believe that cloud hosting and computing is the future for forward thinking law firms as it will instantly provide your firm with a world of benefits and enhancements across the firm.

Cloud hosting can provide your firm with a wide range of applications and services, whilst eliminating the daily pressure of managing and maintaining each application individually plus dealing with licensing costs.

For many, cloud hosting is still seen as a relatively new approach to handling data and confidential files.

With our expertise in IT, we undertake working precision throughout the planning process to make sure every implementation goes seamlessly and then offer ongoing support and maintenance, to make your firm feel safe and enjoy the many benefits cloud hosting has to offer, without the added risk.

What Are the Benefits

Superior Performance

We partner with leading enterprises such as DELL, VMWARE, and Juniper to ensure our platforms operate at their best, guaranteeing optimum performance and productivity to our clients.

World Class Security

Not only do we provide a highly trained team to offer 24/7 monitoring to our platforms and client platforms, but we also conduct regular penetration testing on our platforms via an independent security partner.

Reduce Costs

Cloud computing has proven to be an efficient method to reduce costs, eliminating the need to buy and maintain hardware and licenses in house, allowing firms to pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

Increase Flexibility

We are constantly investing both time and money into our platforms to give your firm the very best in performance and various bolt-on options. With cloud computing, firms are able to scale up and down dynamically as the firm expands or contracts, always having the required resources available to suit their business requirements at that moment in time

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