Data Centres – One of our main focal areas when selecting our data centre was that of business continuity; firms rely upon their information systems to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable, operations may be impaired or stopped completely. Accesspoint place a heavy emphasis on the provision of reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to minimise any chance of platform disruption.

Legal IT Data Centre background

Over recent years more and more businesses have been turning to the Internet to deliver products and services. The growth and wider availability of low cost connectivity means that businesses have access to a wider number of consumers and markets. It also means that delivering applications over the network from a data centre environment has become an everyday reality.

accesspoints data centre diagram

Data Centres – It is now becoming common for businesses to grow beyond their internal network capacity and look to outsource data centre needs. Not only is capacity an issue, but running a robust and secure data network requires constant planning, investment, management and support. Enterprise-class data centres must have the scalability, efficiencies, and expertise for companies to leverage.

Not all data centers are the same, each one has strengths and weaknesses that must be understood during the selection process. Accesspoint has carried out intensive research and testing to ensure the selection of a suitable, stable and reliable data centre partner. With SRA regulations stipulating that all client information must be located on UK shores, we have ensured that our data centre networks are replicated and highly resilient but within the borders of the UK.

The LegalDC is a World Class data centre, built to the highest industry standards you benefit from ISO27001 accreditation, 100% SLA on power, and the highest levels of connectivity from any data centre in outer London.

The LegalDC is environmentally resilient, deploying computerised Building Management Systems (BMS) that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection, storm protection, humidity and leak detection systems.

The LegalDC provides a choice of Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers offering diverse connectivity services enabling low-cost, low-latency, high-speed and high-quality access to different networks, internet exchanges, and business locations globally.

legald legal it data centre

Our facility, designed to deliver high quality customer solutions, allows clients to have anything from a cabinet in a shared space, to your own suite with dedicated power and cooling. The site is highly secure, and with 24/7 on site security, technical support and a monitoring centre to maintain 100% uptime record.

Making IT happen is critical,

making IT happen well is an art.