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How to prevent data breaches

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Recent Data Breach Reports state that 52% of all breaches featured hacking and that 71% of those breaches were financially motivated – with the likelihood that these numbers will grow as more and more businesses completely move their practice to the cloud and other remote working methods.

Leaving IT to chance is no longer an option, especially for many SME firms that handle confidential data on a day to day basis.  Without adequate security measures in place your firm risks facing slow responses to security incidents and major breaches within the company and its client data.

How can Accesspoint help?

  • Email Security – phishing attacks have now become more elaborate and sophisticated and as such it is very easy for employees to skim through emails without paying close attention to the tell-tale signs of a phishing attack. As a result, many click onto dodgy emails or fraudulent websites and then enter sensitive details without realising it. At Accesspoint we ensure your firm stays informed and savvy on the latest phishing tricks, through simulated attacks, helping both you and us to identify weaknesses as well as improve the general knowledge of staff to avoid becoming a victim of real threats.
  • Device Encryption – Once a device is no longer in your control all data becomes vulnerable to unauthorised access. Our Device Encryption will help keep confidential data secure as it mitigates unauthorised data access by enhancing file and systems protections. Additionally, the device encryption is able to provide the best level of security without hindering performance through its compatibility with hardware encryption modules and data recovery features.
  • Multi Factor Authentication – Once we implement our integrations your users will be able to login to your hosted platform with App based security to keep your data safe from outside threats. Our engineers monitor the extensive reporting to ensure a streamlined authentication experience in a simple safe and secure way.