Connectivity – today we tend to take Internet connectivity for granted. The selection of the appropriate line to suit your practices circumstances can be a crucial component to ongoing performance and success. A solid and reliable connection to the cloud ensures solid and reliable results. Accesspoint Technologies offer a collection of connection possibilities and is happy to discuss the strengths and benefits of each with you.

accesspoints connectivity centres

Our consultants are able to work with you and quickly identify any weak links in your firms IT infrastructure, then advise you on the most cost-efficient way to improve them. Without a strong connection to the Internet, the advantages of cloud computing for your practice can’t take effect.

We have a team of Legal IT specialist advisors who can help you with advice on your current situation or alternatively will be available to discuss any future requirements that you may be considering.

To find out more about how we could help you, please contact us on the telephone number above.

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Service Prioritisation

For critical applications, consideration will be given to the implementation of an MPLS network to ensure Quality of service within the wide area network links. This is of particular importance when implementing converged voice and data circuits.

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.