Driven by the idea of providing one complete legal solution package that delivers practical and tangible benefits to all users, Seneca is a refreshing new way to use software in legal practice – Keeping It Seriously Simple.

It is a complete contact, file, activity and practice management system for legal practices with integrated accounts and digital dictation. An elegant, one-stop solution that is flexible enough to handle even the most unusual work types, intuitively designed to work just the way you do. TPMS the total practice management system.

We look at your documents and workflows, and offer a tailored system to suit your needs. Seneca is designed to handle any type of file in Legal organisations of any type and size;

  • Private Practice Law Firms
  • In-House Legal Teams
  • Trade Unions
  • Charitable Organisations

Seneca is your software: it works the way you want it to

From day one your Seneca system will be set up to meet your requirements. Your existing word-processed documents can be integrated into Seneca to maintain your individual way of working. These are then used to create precedent documents, tasks and agendas to manage your workload.

The agenda shows all relevant precedent documents and tasks and whether those precedents have been run on this file. Tasks can be set to generate a number of actions, i.e. create outgoing documents, create appointments and set or delete reminders. This intelligently automates your workflow whilst maintaining your control of the file.

Timesaving benefits

Seneca has been designed to maximise timesaving, increasing your firm’s billable hours by intelligently combining tasks together to save time wherever possible.

A key sign that Seneca is doing some of your thinking for you is the auto-updating™ database. If at any time you alter a detail anywhere on your client’s file, even in a Microsoft Word document, Seneca will make that alteration in the database. The system will then automatically look for all occurrences of that detail and make the amendment accordingly.

One complete solution

Everything you need can be integrated into one system. Seneca incorporates document and e-mail management, calendar time and activity recording, digital dictation and complete practice management (Seneca accounts).

Microsoft Word and digital dictation are integrated in Seneca, meaning that you can access a wide range of software instantly and at the touch of a button. Seneca allows for the storage of all types of windows objects within the electronic file, for example Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and PDF’s, TIF’s, JPEG’s and WAV’s.

Administrative functionality

Seneca offers an extensive suite of administrative modules to further enable complete electronic contact, file and activity management. Tasks can be shared, delegated and tracked and training needs are reduced as everyone works with the same system.

It incorporates a comprehensive suite of pre-defined reports plus its own Report Builder module which allows users to create bespoke reports without the need for an external reporting tool or additional costs for a module. Reports generated inside the Seneca system can be exported into Microsoft Excel via a single click for further analysis and manipulation.

Included within the overall Seneca package is Seneca PM, a Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) compliant double-entry bookkeeping system which blends seamlessly with the overall Seneca solution. It can be deployed to handle all aspects of internal income and expenditure, even using links to the Purchase Ledger feature for nominal expenditure if desired.

Any chargeable client file on the Seneca system includes a comprehensive file ledger, easily accessible at any time via a single click from the file.

The overall convenience and time saving aspects of Seneca extend into Seneca PM, with automated billing and the Draft Postings module which can streamline financial processes and reduce transcription errors.

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.