The distinction between software and hardware is sometimes confusing because they are so integrally linked. Clearly, when you purchase a program, you are buying software. But to buy the software, you need to buy the disk (hardware) on which the software is recorded.

Software is often divided into two categories.

  • Systems software includes the operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to function
  • Applications software includes programs that do real work for users
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Choosing an office suite or standalone desktop application is a simple process, however there are a number of additional factors that need to be considered before making a final decision on your software. Though understanding the limitations and benefits of the differing versions of any given application is a factor, plus the environment into which it is being implemented also plays a significant role. Life can become much more complicated should you need to deliver your chosen applications across a Terminal, Citrix or other ‘thin client’ environment. The least thought through element of any software procurement initiative, is usually that of the most appropriate and cost effective licensing model.

The Accesspoint Microsoft Specialists will work with you to maximise your investment in this hugely complex and potentially expensive area. Through our partnership networks we are able to offer a multitude of software licensing models at highly competitive rates

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.