Broadband & Leased Lines – If you’re running a large office, or you’re planning to expand a small office, a leased line could make sense.

Plus, if your users are eating up bandwidth (uploading or downloading bulging files and so on), then even smaller practices could probably benefit from a leased line instead of broadband.

With broadband or fibre, the more users you have on your line at any one time, the more likely you are to see slower speeds. This doesn’t happen with a leased line: no matter how many users are on the line, your speed will always stay the same.

Using the Internet is about downloading and uploading, so for some practices, the ability to upload files and transfer lots of data is much more important, therefore, a large upload bandwidth is critical: the kind of upload speed that you typically get with a leased line.

Ethernet and Leased Lines

Whether you have critical services on site, such as applications, e-commerce or voice over IP, your firm needs a dedicated connection backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Accesspoint Leased Lines and Ethernet provide your practice with fixed, dedicated bandwidth from 2Mbps upwards, protected by our chosen connectivity partner Star’s Real World SLA. Our Ethernet service is ideal for firms that have bandwidth intensive activities such as wide area networking for VoIP, e-commerce sites and real time applications.

Our networking portfolio offers a range of bandwidth from 2 to 100 Mbps, wide area networking, and remote working options to fit your firm’s needs.

ADSL2+ Superfast Broadband

Our ADSL 2+ Superfast Broadband service can provide your firm with up to 24Mbps over 21CN with no download limit. This greatly improves upload and download speeds, and enables you and your fee earners to communicate at any time, from anywhere, using any Internet enabled device.

broadband and adsl leased line connections

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