Utility Computing Options and Benefits – The biggest plus for any firm wishing to adopt a utility computing platform is that it carries a virtual zero capital cost, and can be purchased as and when required and either scaled up or down to suit your firms requirements. Accesspoint can offer scalable networking without the need to physically add or remove core hardware to existing networking platforms. There is no longer any reason why small, medium or large legal service enterprises cannot reap the immense benefits that such platforms have to offer. All the hardware, processing capacity and storage that you could ever want on a pay-for-use basis is a dream come true for firms of any size wishing to gain that technological and financial edge on their competition.

Making IT happen is critical,

making IT happen well is an art.

What are the benefits of utility computing for the modern law firm?

Utility computing platforms are both granular and scalable, but more importantly can be purchased on a pay-for-use basis. This purchase model can meet the demands of even the most unpredictable of Legal business circumstances.

The centralised, external nature of hosted services especially over ISP based, MPLS enabled networks, means that remote offices and branches can be added to the existing infrastructure, quickly and easily, ensuring far greater economies of scale.

What of the immediate benefits? Firms of all sizes will generally be able to take advantage of next generation hardware platforms as utility providers constantly seek that competitive edge by investing in ever more powerful, ever more scalable hardware platforms. Bulk purchases from the ISP perspective mean that decreased capital cost, for equipment with shorter lifecycle, ensures a never-ending hardware procurement program, the likes of which small and medium sized firms can never compete with.

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