Digital Dictation

Legal Digital Dictation is a method of recording and editing the spoken word in real-time and through its application, enable fee earning professionals to get more done. Detailed market research has shown that fee earners making use of Legal Digital Dictation solutions are 75% more productive than those manually producing their business correspondence. It enables you to maximise output from your desk, at home or mobile.

Digital dictation offers several advantages over traditional cassette tape based dictation:

  • The user can instantly rewind or fast forward to any point within the dictation file to review or edit
  • The random access ability of digital audio allows inserting audio at any point without overwriting the following text
  • Dictation produces a file which can be transferred electronically
  • Large dictation files can be shared with multiple typists
  • Sound is better than CD quality and can improve transcription accuracy and speed

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.

using our digital dication software

Advances in technology have hastened the arrival of quality Speech Recognition applications. Speak and record, then send to the Speech Recognition engine to have your work automatically transcribed, or send you dictation via a specified workflow to your dedicated secretary for manual transcription. These are just two methods which can be applied to streamline your practise when making use of digital dictation.

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise level functionality at a fraction of the cost
  • Helps achieve financial savings from improved workflow efficiencies of the Digital Dictation system
  • Dictate via connected microphone, a wireless or mobile device
  • Customised workflows ensure streamlined document production
  • Provides the ability to use Speech Recognition to reduce secretarial resource
  • Secure data storage and backup
  • No infrastructure costs
  • No additional computer hardware or software costs
  • Better utilisation of in-house IT resources and budget