What do we mean by hosted Email?

Hosted Email Services – are an Internet hosting service that operates email servers

At Accesspoint we are aware that managing a local Email server frequently results in a major drain on local IT resources. The total cost of ownership of a data centre hosted email service is significantly less. With the explosion of smartphones and other portable devices, a cloud based Email solution brings your fee earning, critical support staff and clients closer to the resources required whilst on the move.

Accesspoint can help your firm

  • Get better email security with advanced threat protection
  • Protect your business from lost or deleted messages
  • Comprehensive search queries and the ability to find any email in seconds
  • Secure and protect your sensitive email communication while ensuring messages are readily available
  • Avoid costly business disruption by continuing to receive uninterrupted email service in the event of an outage
  • Protect against misuse of email activity
  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity with reliable, low cost, hosted business email – let our email experts manage your mail server 24 / 7 so you can focus on your business
hosted email on any device

Email from anywhere anytime for your fee earning and critical support staff with Outlook Web.

The benefits of Hosted Email include?

  • Management within a secure data centre – a private cloud solution
  • Less drain on your IT resources and reliability guaranteed
  • No need to worry about upgrades, security patches and service packs
  • Excellent access for mobile devices
  • For the benefits of staff and clients security is updated on an hourly basis
  • Cost is on a per user per month basis – no major capital outlay

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.