Document Backup

Document Backup is a term used when saving and automatically storing, your important data in a safe and secure environment.

What would happen if

Your hard drive crashes. Thieves steal your laptop. You realize on Friday that you desperately need the now-departed Wednesday version of an important document that you significantly altered on Thursday. At times like these, having a secure, up-to-date backup of your hard drive can be a lifesaver. Historically there was traditional tape backup, however this has three inherent weaknesses.

  • First it relies on human intervention to remember to change and store the tapes
  • Secondly tape backup is mechanical and over time the tape suffers from both stretching and the accumulation of dirt and dust that impedes its performance and reliability
  • Thirdly, people are prone to forget to do it or don’t store the tapes securely

Digital backup now provides document backup to a dedicated local or online Cloud based server and provides a safe and reliable alternative to tape backup with none of the attendant problems. With our software, retrieval of lost data from a single file to an entire server is made easy,allowing you ‘peace of mind’ no matter what.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is critical within the area of security planning and deals with protecting Legal practices and businesses alike, from the effects of significant negative events. Significant negative events, in this context, can include anything that puts an organization’s operations at risk inc: crippling cyberattacks and equipment failures.

A disaster recovery plan, documents policies, procedures and actions to limit any disruption to a business  in the wake of any such disaster. Just as a disaster is an event that makes the continuation of normal functions impossible, a disaster recovery plan consists of actions intended to minimize the effects of a disaster and allow you to maintain or quickly resume normal business activity. Adopting a cloud based document backup and disaster recovery solution provides a number of key benefits to a Legal practice.

document backup and recovery

The key benefit being that data is held off-site, this ensures the data is securely held in a data centre preventing theft of on-site information. Secondly in the event of a natural disaster (fire in your office), the data can be recovered from the remote servers held in a multi location data centre, ensuring a rapid recovery process. Document backup and disaster recovery plans are imperative for Law firms of all sizes.ccesspoint have a team of highly knowledgeable people who can help you both plan and implement the highest quality solutions. To find out more contact us now.

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