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Managed Server Hybrid Cloud Hosting – Many mid-sized firms find themselves in a position where they carry significant investment in existing architecture, but the lure of cloud computing difficult to ignore. Could there be a way to tap into the world of cloud and utility computing that protects a practices existing investment, but allows them to leverage the power of the cloud moving forward.

The Hybrid model, combining the best of both worlds could be the ultimate solution. A real-world cloud / blue sky option.

Accesspoint consultants will work with your in-house or contracted IT management teams to develop a hybrid platform that will seamlessly integrate the best of all platforms.

We believe that since your practice and objectives are unique, your hosting service should be too. Speak to one of our hosting experts about a custom hybrid cloud hosting solution that will save you money while improving your business’s efficiency and user experience

A hybrid approach in short will:

  • Consolidate on-premise, public and private cloud platforms
  • Reduce maintenance overheads
  • Reduce progressive capital expense
  • Provide a solid, flexible and integrated solution that protects existing investments already made via on-premise solutions

Expose your firm to future expansion possibilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house platform building.

Making IT happen is critical,

making IT happen well is an art.