Security awareness – Our multi-layered security service protects your firm’s entire web and email traffic against viruses, malware, spyware, spam, unauthorised content and online threats. This means potential problems stay in the Cloud, far from your valuable data, processes and network infrastructure. It is delivered as a fully managed, multi-layered security service, powered by Message Labs and Juniper Networks.

What you need to know

  • The PEOPLE in your organization are the targets
  • No business is immune to cyber attack – which can adversely affect the bottom line
  • The cost of removing an attack far outweighs the cost of preventing one
  • Top level managers & board members face termination and career damage for negligence, with potential criminal lawsuits to follow
  • Regulators are increasingly active in the IT space to protect consumers
  • Costly litigation of shareholders may result in large data breaches
virus malware and spyware protection

Risks are categorized into two silos: Short and Long Term Risk

Undoubtably, having the proper cyber-risk intelligence information is crucial for firms to make more informed decisions to protect their business.

Short Term Risk

  • incident response
  • data loss
  • client notification
  • associated fines
  • client loss
  • board accountability

Long Term Risk

  • brand damage/reputation
  • lost jobs
  • legal fees
  • updating systems
  • locating vulnerabilities
  • credit monitoring fees
  • profit loss

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